Standard Series

The new standard in keyboard stands

The Standard series emphasizes strength, design, and functionality but does so with style and class. The Standard range covers all performing styles and players, accommodates a range of equipment from small instruments to full-sized keyboards, and can also handle multi-keyboard stacked setups.


Quick release mechanism allows smooth setup

Setup is quick, easy and requires no tools. Thanks to a quick release cam lever mechanism the frame can be quickly disassembled for easy setup or takedown.

Tier height and angle can be quickly and easily adjusted

The outside knob lets you adjust the height of the tier (keyboard rack) and the inside lever lets you adjust the angle over a smooth range without gradations. The adjustable height can accommodate seated or standing performance, and since the tier easily separates from the fixed unit, you can adjust the stand to your height of choice during rehearsal, and then disassemble and transport it knowing you will have the same settings at the actual performance. By adding a separately sold additional tier adapter, you can easily position your instruments at the most comfortable playing angle, for example by keeping the lower instrument flat while tilting the upper instrument slightly towards you.

Keyboard holders allow the width and depth to be adjusted

Two polymer keyboard holders with excellent retention strength are included. By adjusting the position of the holders, you can accommodate a variety of keyboard shapes and sizes. To hold a small synthesizer, controller or performance instrument, you can narrow the spacing between the two holders for a compact layout. For a two-level setup, you can adjust the lower holder toward yourself and the upper holder away from yourself so that the upper and lower instruments do not overlap, ensuring that each will be in a convenient playing position. During transport, or when not in use, the holders can fit between the two pipes of the tier for compact storage.

Add dedicated separately sold accessories to create two-level setups

The Standard Series allows a high degree of expandability. Also available in the lineup is the separately sold Tier adapter package which includes a tier and two keyboard holders. This lets you use the Standard Series as a two-level stand.